17.04.2021 08:54:52

We would like to thank our viewers and our guests for attending our Live-Stream yesterday!
We had a great time!

Nevertheless, we can't wait to perform live gigs once again and to catch up on our CD release Concert!

Stay tuned!!! \m/

16.04.2021 14:48:31

First of all the magnificient and epic announcement, as promised:
After years of struggle and deprivation we have finally finished our first album misEntropic!!!

You can order the CD as well as fitting Merch at our shop bestellen.

Since there will be release concert any time soon, we decided to release our new album digitally! Find the links to the most common streaming services at media.

On the occasion of todays CD-release, there will be a Live-Stream today at 19:00 featuring all current band members, as well as a few former band members.

Rock On!!! \m/

25.10.2020 21:01:22

We are not dead yet! The last years were labour-intensive and will conclude in a magnificient and epic announcement soon. Until then, there is at least a little one: You can now find us on instagram too:

GOD at Instagram

Rock on! \m/

28.10.2015 10:57:16

Gradient of Disorder want to celebrate their 10 years anniversary in the form of a concert. The event is named A Decade of Disorder. Further details can as always be found under Gigs.
There are going to play 3 other bands: Lost in Control, Grim Justice und Alphayn.
If you need tickets, please write us an e-mail (the e-mail adress can be found under Contact).

Rock on!!! \m/

07.10.2015 11:59:21

To all who haven't heard yet, we are goingt to support Waltari tomorrow in the Viper Room!
Door will open at 20:00 and our show starts at 21:00.
If anyone still needs tickets just write us an e-mail to our contact-adress.

We hope to see some of you tomorrow in the Viper Room!
Rock On!!! \m/

26.03.2015 18:47:24

We want to thank everybody who watched our concert at Aera. It was a fantastic evening and we had plenty of fun on stage!
See you next time!

Rock On! \m/

24.03.2015 12:49:12

Keep in mind that we are going to play at Aera this evening!

See you there! \m/

06.03.2015 10:19:19

We are happy to announce that Frederic is again going to fill in at the drums. Hence, we can play as local support for Majesty, Bloodbound and Evil Invaders at Aera!
More information to this can as always be found in the Gigs-section.
Please note: The doors are going to open at 19:00 and our show is going to start at 19:15!
Please buy your tickets from a G.O.D. member (19 euro in the advance sale).

Stay Epic!!! \m/

12.02.2015 14:04:22

Finally we managed to load the photos from the Metalfest and the Viper Room concert up! Have fun watching them!

Stay Tuned! \m/

21.01.2015 17:47:08

We want to thank everyone who watched our shows 09.01. and 18.01.2015, we had lots of fun playing for you!

Rock On!!! \m/

07.01.2015 19:21:27

For all those who haven't heard or read, this year we are again going to play at the legendary TU-Metalfest this friday (09.01.2015) at 11pm. Live music is going to start at 6pm, so there is for sure no time to be bored!

Furthermore, next week on sunday 18.01.2015 we have a show together with Welicoruss, Alphayn and Halo Creation in the Viper Room. If you need any tickets don't hesitate to contact us!

Rock On!!! \m/

02.11.2014 11:26:15

Again it took way too long, but finally the pictures from the AniNite 2014 are online here on our homepage. To take a look at them just klick on gallery!

Stay Tuned! \m/

27.08.2014 18:18:56

To everybody who hasn't heard yet, we are going to play at the AniNite at 17:00 this Saturday!
We are looking forward to see you there!

Stay Tuned! \m/

12.08.2014 10:39:12

Finally there are some news, we are going to play at the AniNite!
We feel confident that our show will be on Saturday and we are going to be the sole Live Band there!
A 1-Day Ticket for Saturday costs 17 euro in the pre-sales.
Furthermore we want to disclose, that we are going to play one or the other Cover ;)

Rock On! \m/

14.04.2014 13:28:45

We want to thank everybody who watched our concert on 10/04 in the Viper Room.
Again we had a great time playing for you!

Rock On! \m/

27.02.2014 12:59:31

After a much longer time than originally planned finally there is a new studio version of Prometheus online. You can listen to it in the Media section!

Have fun! \m/

12.01.2014 14:08:07

We enjoyed our gig on Friday very much which was mainly due to our great audience! Thank you for being there!

Unfortunately we have to cancel our concert in Wiener Neustadt on 25 January, since there are problems with the location. At the moment it is uncertain if there will be a concert in Wiener Neustadt in January.

Stay Tuned! \m/

09.01.2014 23:14:27

For all those who didn't get it until now: The legendary TU Metalfest is going to be tomorrow and naturally we are going to play there.
Check out our Youtube Channel for news from Captain Merchandise!

See you tomorrow!
Rock On! \m/

19.08.2013 13:00:46

Unfortunately it took some time, but finally you can view the photos from our last gig in the Viper Room! (As always in the gallery)

Stay Epic! \m/

12.08.2013 09:36:57

We want to thank everybody who showed up at our concert on saturday!
We had a very good time onstage and even a small act of sabotage (power failure) could not spoil our good mood!

Rock On!!! \m/

16.07.2013 15:33:35

Our concert on 10.08.2013 is going to be in the Viper Room.
The doors will open at 7:30 pm and the concerts will start at 8:30 pm. Tickets cost 5 EUR and are available at the box office!

Rock on!!!

08.07.2013 14:30:23

We are going to give a concert together with the bands Thesis and Esseker on 10.08.2013!
The details are still unclear, but as soon as there are any news they will be announced here!

Stay Epic!!!

17.06.2013 23:02:57

Finally our concert pics from the Dragon's Cry Festival are online! Just navigate to Gallery and check them out!
Furthermore we don't want to deny you the (very favorable) concert review from the online magazine The Monolith: "As far as opening bands go, I’d be hard-pressed to find a more eclectic one than Gradient Of Disorder. ..." You can read the whole review here.

Stay Epic!!! \m/

02.06.2013 22:39:49

Thanks to all of you who attended our concert on the last friday!
The atmosphere was just brilliant and we enjoyed to play for you very much!

Finally we want to thank Dragony and Siren's Cry very much for the great and smooth organisation of the Dragon's Cry festival (which shall happen again in 2014).

Stay Tuned! \m/

31.05.2013 02:02:48

Finally it happened!
Just in time before our performance at the Dragon's Cry Festival we proudly present our new homepage design. Starting from now there is an english version of our homepage and the lyrics of our songs can be found under Media. Furthermore we managed to put the info text of our drummer Sascha online.
And we have new photos!

Don't forget, we have a gig at Aera this evening (31/05/2013) at 6:45 pm! All details can be found under gigs.

Rock on!!! \m/

25.01.2013 14:52:38

We have great news for you!
We are going to play on May 31st 2013 as opener on the Dragon's Cry Festival!!!
More precisely on friday May 31st 2013 at 18:20!

Advance sale tickets cost 10 euro and 2 days passes cost 18 Euro. Tickets are available at every G.O.D. member, alternatively you can send us a ticket order by email.

Furthermore we want to point to our Facebook-Page and to our Youtube-Channel.

Rock On! \m/